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Jenmei Hotel is traffic-conveniently situated in Zhongshan business area.  With attractions of Taipei Fine Art Museum, Shihlin Night Market, Ningxia Night Market, Shinshin Shopping District, Linsen Business Area, etc., we would surely be your best choice no matter you come here for business or for pleasure. 

Jenmei Hotel is about 7-8 minutes walk from Shuanlian MRT Station & Minquan E. Rd. MRT Station. 

  • BY MRT 1:

    Take Tamshui Line to Shuanlian Station and exit by Mackay Memorial Hospital Exit.
    → Walk to Zhongshan N. Rd. and turn left. 

    → Go up to Jinzhou St. and make a right turn. 

    →You are just steps from  Jenmei Hotel.

  • BY MRT 2: 

    Take Tamshui Line to Minquan E. Rd Station and exit by Minquan E. Rd. Exit.
    → Walk to Zhongshan N. Rd. and turn right. 

    → Go up to Jinzhou St. and make a left turn.

    → You are just steps from  Jenmei Hotel.

  • By Bus:Take any bus suggested to TCCI Building.

    → You can take one of the following buses:

    220、218、310、260(From Taipei Tran Station N. 3 Exit)

    247、287(From Zhongjiao W. Rd.)

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